Author of “Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Lady’s Overview of Dating”

Author of “Teenager Talk with Dr. Gilda: A Woman’s Guide to Dating”

Dear Dr. Gilda,

My adolescent child struggles with acne. Consequently, she has an inadequate self-image. With the summer season upon us, I’ve seen she is becoming less social compared to she’s ever been. While various other teens are having fun in the sunlight, my daughter is hiding in your home. It breaks my heart to see her missing her pals as a result of her instability. Please help!

– Really Stressed Mommy

Precious Very Stressed Mama,

For most teenagers, summertime implies flexibility from institution, even more interacting socially, and also fun. But also for those who deal with acne, the summertime can be dreadful. The beach, outside tasks and too much sunlight could trigger heavy perspiration-which worsens acne and a teen’s self-confidence.

You are right to stress over your child. If she gives in to reduced self-worth, she will let her acne regulation. Yet there is hope. As my Gilda-Gram claims, “Occasionally it takes an outbreak to obtain a development.”

Millions of teenagers experience from breakouts of acne. However they have breakthroughs when they pick not to cope with it.

Help your little girl Take Charge of her skin and also her summer season. A clear skin will restore her self-confidence to be a satisfied teenager again. Show her that she is prepared ahead out of concealing CURRENTLY.

Go to a physician and also ask if Differin ® (adapalene) Gel or Cream, 0.1% can help her beat her fight with acne. Differin ® is the number-one-prescribed acne therapy among the top 50 topical d-class items.