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is the best online dating site for christian singles to meet their soulmate! Sign up today for an always free basic membership and we will give you a 10 day trial on our full membership.

  • 30 days $15.95 (only 49 cents per day)
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  • 365 days $79.95 (only 25 cents per day)

is only free with premium feature access for a limited time, then you must upgrade

On I was able to get a few membership for a limited time. It was pretty cool, I met several new people who were interesting to say the least. I responded to three peoples personal ads and had two replies. I struck up a great conversation with both of these people and it was a blast. I searched by state but was not really interested in distance. I was looking for someone to talk to over the Internet rather than actually meet in person and I found that at this dating site right away. I especially liked the notices I got when there was a message waiting for me, that way I didn’t have to keep checking in at the site, it saved me a lot of time.

is an on-line matchmaking service designed to provide an easy way for our members to meet other quality singles on the Internet. We ask every user coming into the site to fill out a questionnaire that will assist other users in getting to know you. Once members create their own unique profile, our matching technology can provide them with instantaneous matches based upon their pre-selected dating criteria.

The most important factor of is the fact that each and everyday you will get free notices of great possible matches for you. And to make your profile a little more unique and to make it stand out from the crowd, you can add photos or even a voice intro!

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