Are Free Dating Sites Really Free?

Are dating websites that portray themselves as free truly free? This question is what you may want to ask yourself over and over again as someone who partakes in online dating. For every website out there, the fact remains that there would always be websites who claim to be free yet are not. In other for you to find out those websites that are absolutely free, here are our tips for you to try out.

Try out as many websites as you can

It is the internet and there are thousands of dating services out there. Make use of search engines or any other ways you know to find a dating service. You may also visit blogs and forum to get recommendations on any dating service. One important to remember while trying this out is that you must not post your profiles on too many sites. While practicing this trial and error system, you should be careful not to post your personal information on too many sites. Doing this would pose a security risk to you as you may notice you start receiving more unsolicited/spam messages into your email. During this trial and error period, you may even want to provide fictional numbers/addresses. That is if there is no other option and filling in your personal details is entirely compulsory to use the site. Once you found a worthy site, you can then go on to provide that site with real personal information.

The motive behind this tip is that it does not hurt anybody to practice trial and error. You try to find those free websites by trying out those who claim to be free and one day, you would land on one that’s truly free.

For websites that do not require you to pay sign up fees, also check if they charge you to receive/read/send emails. Add friends to your pal list, or if the account would only be free for a period of time. If need be, you should contact the administrator/help runners of the different websites you plan using. Take note of their answers and make your final decision from there.

Just like in most other things, something free may not be free in actual sense. Those dating services that are truly free tend to attract too much crowds. These crowds would usually include people who do not have genuine intensions for their being on the site and they may include hackers, or people who are looking for false online relationships then collecting monies from their partners who are not aware of their tricks. The general recommendation as regards online dating is for you to find one which does not constitute a burden on your purse