How honest should you be when writing your ad?

I would like to ask that question again. Just how much honesty should you place in your personal ads? This question may seem confusing to most as many would never like to get caught in the mig-wire of if they are telling the truth or not. This article comes at a most important time and if you read on you would soon find out why.

How do you know and judge the level of honesty you should place into personal ads you write to be posted on dating sites. While you may want to retain your ideas on just how honest you should be in personal ads, this article serves only as a guide. Depending on individual situation, you may not be even posed with problem of honesty in your ads. Definitely, honesty is something that becomes most essential when you begin to chat or have a relationship with someone online and you both have hopes of continuing that relationship in the real world.

The most important thing to note for anybody writing ads is that your level of honesty in your personal ad should totally depend on how comfortable you feel what’s placed in the ad. You should also know that not mentioning your defect or bad sides in your ads is hardly being dishonest. Dishonesty comes in when you say what you are not in your ads. When writing ads, it’s completely necessay for you to write what you really are and not what you are not. If you are a mechanic and feel you need to state your occupation in the ad, say you are a mechanic; don’t say you are a pilot or something that does not depict your social or financial status. How honest should you be when writing your ads?

When writing ads, you should always state the basic of basic facts about yourself, just something long enough for someone to make a quick judgment (which in your case is meant to be positive) on you and short enough to make the person not get tired or reading your ad. Never jive or give off untrue facts in your ads. This is very important because if you lie about yourself, anybody who contacts you would definitely get to know the true in only a matter of time.