How To Approach A Woman Online

How do you approach a woman online? Just like in the real world where you don’t just pop up your head and start to say junk, there are rules and etiquette procedures to be followed even when trying to make contact with a woman online. By now, most likely you have identified the woman you would like to contact but are thinking how you should go about it. This article would help you do just that.

Rules to approaching a woman online

Here comes the big question, how do you approach a woman online? You should know that since you are online and not in the real world, there is only one way to do this which is via email. What you are looking to learn here is how do you write and make contact with that lady so that her interest in you is aroused and she sends you a favorable response.

I forgot to say this but before you even decide to make contact with a woman, you need to look at your own self. You both are probably on a dating site where each individual has his/her own profile page. Since its online, you can be sure that the first place the lady to be approached when approached is your profile page. Make your profile look kinky, if need be get a good photo an upload it on your page. Do not be deceived by what people say of women not being attracted to looks. This is the internet and since the woman has no other way of accessing your inner qualities at first glance, your photo becomes the only available means. Make sure you look ok in your photo. If you are naturally not the pretty type, not too worry, making sure to smile and look bold would do. No woman wants to date a cowardly man.

A second important thing before approaching is to ask yourself what your plans for this particular woman are. Are you looking to someday meet her in person? Are you looking forward to getting married to her? These questions seems far-fetched but you can be sure that a woman would be able to tell what your plans are for her just from the way you contact her – provided you don’t just say “Hello!!!”.

The Third and most important rule to approaching a woman bores down to your etiquette. If you are sending a first message to her, you should go straight up. Admire something you like about her. Be it the way she smile in her pictures or her inner characters listed on her profile. It may even be her hobbies. If the both of your happen to love playing table-tennis say so. Also know that your English here matters. Make sure to read and re-read what you’ve typed over again. Some Women may not be bothered to reply someone who doesn’t have a good educational background (that’s what you are saying indirectly if you end up leaving blunders here and there in your message). In all, anything honest and true would do. Just make sure that whatever you are telling is really true and don’t over blow it.

Approaching a woman, may not be the hardest thing to do in this world especially when its online. Online shyness is a thing almost unheard of, so if you have any woman you want to approach why not read the rules in this article, follow them and be sure that your chances of success have improved tremendously.