Men Are Visual, Women Aren’t?

In practicing online dating, very few people know the right things to do so as to get that partner they so desire. While placing adverts and writing profiles work, there are rules which when followed are always sure to increase ones chance of meeting somebody online.


In placing an ad, it is quite important that your photo is put with it. Whatever you look like should be what’s represented in that picture. Pictures were created to never lie about what they convey but with technology, we never these can be twisted and adjusted. Being bold and putting on at least a smile in a picture should be all that’s needed as regards the picture aspect. Even though you may want to belief that women don’t necessary get carried away by pictures, your picture in combination with strong carrying words play more importance than just strong words from a faceless person alone. So you need to be aware of that fact.
This list below should be used while selecting or snapping pictures to be used for an ad or profile. This list below is more suitable for males so females reading this article should be not bother themselves with them but move on to their own segment which comes below.
- Do I look smart?
- Do I look as natural as I really am?
- Was I smiling in the photo?

These questions should be asked in heart so you can access your photo by yourself to see if it passes the basic level set by those questions. And if as a male your photo answers yes to all those questions, good, you have strode a long step forward as only work on your text remains.


As a female practicing sincere online dating, you should not be bullied or intimidate because of your looks. In looking to take a picture, you should try as much as possible to look natural. Most ladies know how to posture themselves while taking pictures so telling you to smile and all that may not be entirely necessary. Just remember that in addition to all the posture you attach to a picture, the photo you include shows you as you really are. If you have two photos where one shows you ugly and the other shows you beautiful, its better you upload the not-so-fine-picture instead.

For any serious man, your pictorial qualities should not matter as much. What matter are the inner qualities been looked for by both of you, your photo only serves to get you the needed attraction and once you begin chatting, or talking over the phone, you and your partner are then able to access each other to see if you match each other’s criteria.