Safety Tips For Women Dating Someone You Met Online

Since the creation of the internet in exclusive use by the military and a couple universities, the internet has grown to become a medium through which almost anything can be done. It is now used by tens if not hundreds of million people per day. With the internet, you can shop online, make a living online by doing freelance work, you can even get to meet your future partner online.

For those people who want to or are already practicing online dating, this article is just for you. Though it was written with preferences to the women, some of its tips can also be used by men.

Tip#1 – Never agree to meet someone you barely know
It’s advised you should have been chatting or emailing with whoever you are going to be meeting with for at least a reasonable time period. Meeting someone on a Monday and organizing a date with that person on a Tuesday is more like sending out the message “oh I’m-searching-so-why don’t you-come-get-me” to the person. At this initial stage of a relationship, giving wrong impressions about yourself to your online potential date is just more like steering your relationship boat to the rocks. In writing this article, it is estimated that a reasonable degree of women who practice and read this article are in search of their life-time partners and not one-night stands. As a women not only does the society trust you to be patient, you also owe yourself that much. Nothing good comes easy and if a guy is trying to rush you into dating him you can be sure that your chances of going far with such a person are on the low.

A second advantage of delaying meeting someone you met online is that it gives you a background to which both of you can interact. Quite all right you may want to follow the words of the person’s profile which says I like playing chess and you like that too but not until you are sure that that person indeed likes playing chess should you decide to move the relationship forward. Try to look at it this way, getting to meet, date and maybe get married to the person you meet online is just like a ladder. It’s a step-by-step process and if you decide to spend too little time on one process, just like a pack of cards the possibilities of that proposed relationship ladder crashing to the ground is almost 100%. Delaying to meet physically also gives you enough time to conduct background checks. It’s not like snooping is been advised here but you want to be sure you are going on a date with a serial killer.

Here are some other tips for you to follow once you decide to go on a date with a person you met online.

Tip#2 Always Inform family or friends on your date – Tell them the location of the date

Tip#3 Take Your Cell Phone with you – Make sure your cell phone never gets switched at any time during the date.

Tip#4 Make to meet with your date in a public place – Well- light places such as open parks or restaurants are a welcome idea.