What NOT To Do On A First Date

For almost all likely relationships, the first date between both parties is what determines if that relationship would really hold and if it does it may determine its duration and kind. Now that you have been emailing, chatting with someone and you both have finally decided to arrange a first date, What are the things you should do and must not do on a first date? Read on and get your answers

Your First Appearance is the key to the future

The fact that your appearance has to be perfect on that day cannot be more emphasized. You need to dress well, with clean shoes, clothes – just anything that makes you look smart. Mind you, casuals may or may not be worn in this situation. It all depends on individual. Wearing what you think and you know you look best in is what you should wear. Having a good first appearance says quite a lot about both parties. First of all, it tells the second person some things which may not even be true about you but are sure to move you guys forward a little bit (relationship wise). Everybody wants a responsible mate and dressing this way satisfies the curiosity of your date in terms of your responsibility level. Even though you may not be as responsible as you look, dressing that way increases your chances of keeping your date for more dates at later dates.
Dresses for you to wear on a first date should depend solely on what you think you are most comfortable in but a general guideline is that it should be somewhere in between formal and informal. Always use your imagination when dressing for a first date and before you leave your home, be sure to ask someone if what’s on you looks good. Never Ever dress more than yourself on a first date. In as much as you want to impress, dressing like a millionaire which is not the way you normally dress is not going to do you any good in the long run.

Never Ever come late for a first date

Doing this is indirectly saying “Sorry, I had more important things to do”. Proximity to your home should have been considered when fixing a location for a date so there’s really no humanly excuse you may want to give that would satisfy your date. Timeliness on your first date is virtually going to be more important than all the other dates you would have with this person and if you keep your date waiting for 5 hours, its better you do not come at all.
This does not mean that you must appear before the time set for the date – NO. If you have set a time of 7p.m, the male appearing before the female is always ideal but since we can’t guarantee that, a lady should give herself a lateness time of not more than 5mins while a guy should always be on time. Reason for this is that it enables the guy to make any arranges he has as regards food, where to go etc.

Other rules
- For a first date, all other rules follow as with normal dates. The male should be on hand to pay for the expenses and except the lady does objects and wants to take part of the expenses, he should pay.
- For someone you met online, getting into a private car or moving to more secluded places during a first date is not advised. If you would like to move to another location, always do that through public transport and if you both have cars, moving separately in your own car is best.
- Always be of excellent behavior. Do not order too much food and do not drink too much